The Swinging 60s

The Swinging Sixties

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We are seeking original material from the early days of the WMRAC; this was a important era for the Club and we would appreciate any help and support to help us build on our archive.   Please get in touch

The Women’s Motor Racing Club (WMRAC)  was founded in the “swinging sixties”, a golden era for Grand Prix motor racing when drivers and team owners could indulge in the sport of motor racing. Circuit facilities were sadly lacking, at best Spartan; the pits comprised the bare essentials, often leaving drivers and mechanics exposed to the uncompromising elements that besiege the British Isles. Their wives, often with families in tow, willingly performed such vital roles as team manager, timekeeper, and cordon-bleu cook, all in the most primitive conditions. A cushion for the pit wall was often their only luxury – if they remembered to take one!

Often meeting at the Steering Wheel Club in Mayfair, the Club offered a unique social network.    

In the Fifties and Sixties, the motoring set’s bar of choice was the Steering Wheel Club, situated near Shepherd Market. There, racing characters and hell-raisers such as Innes Ireland, Graham Hill and Stirling Moss could be found relaxing in its gloomy portals.