WMRAC Ambassador

In 2016 the WMRAC (the ‘Doghouse Owners’ Club) introduced an important new role of Ambassador to the Club.  The position is held by individuals who have accomplished remarkable status and achievement in our Sport.  

Volunteer Ambassadors help to raise awareness of our Club.  They influence and support our fundraising activity by attending events to talk about their life in Motorsport and encouraging others in their network to actively get involved.

This is a really important role for the Club as it helps us to reach new people and inspires the next generation in Motorsport. It developes new fundraising activities and thanks Members and Friends of the WMRAC for all they are doing to support the Club.  Open to both men and women, the position is active for a minimum of one year and the individual will remain an Ambassador for life.

Our first Ambassador position – Ambassador|16 – was award to track marshal Mr Steve Tarrant, who’s passion overrides his handicap, the result of an accident at Goodwood in 2000. Steve Tarrant continued to volunteer every year to ensure the safety of others up until his well-deserved retirement in 2017.