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Women’s Motor Racing Associates Club (WMRAC)

On 7th February 1962, the Women’s Motor Racing Associates Club was formed by a group of Grand Prix Drivers’ wives and girlfriends, under the Chairmanship of Sheila van Damm.  

The Founding Committee were;

      • Mrs Colin Chapman
      • Mrs John Cooper
      • Mrs Gregor Grant
      • Mrs Graham Hill
      • Mrs John Webb  

The acting Secretary of the Club was Miss Peggy Sandberg (Mrs Peggy Rowe)

Known as the Doghouse Owners’ Club, the WMRAC was the first of its kind; established in the “swinging sixties”, a golden era for Grand Prix motor racing, when drivers and team owners could indulge in the sport.

“As the BRDC is the ‘Who’s Who’ of British Motorsport, so the WMRAC – known as the Doghouse Owners’ Club – is the equivalent on the other side of the gender fence, with many famous names still involved and with many so well connected within motorsport circles.”

Howden Ganley, former BRM and Williams Grand Prix Driver, BRDC Vice President and WMRAC ‘Honoree Dog’

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