Lorina McLaughlin

April 2019

Lorina McLaughlin is prepared for anything the Donnington Historic Festival has to throw at her…

The BWRDC President has tested her ex-Michael Schumacher Benetton B192 for the first time since its winter overhaul. Her Monday session at Donington proved to be an all-weather test, with heavy rain, sunshine, hail and even snow making an appearance in the space of a single lap. Although she prefers a dry track, Lorina is now prepared for all eventualities at the Historic Festival in May and anything other than weather chaos will be water off a duck’s back.

The car has had a thorough rebuild since its last outing at Jarama in October, including extensive work to the exhaust and the fitting of a new bag tank. Lorina has pronounced herself satisfied with the way the car is running after the test – “nothing fell off it!”

The Benetton will be doing high-speed demonstration laps at the Festival with Lorina at the wheel, alongside some of the other big single-seaters from the Force stable.