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Barking Times – Summer 2020
General Knowledge Quiz Answers

True or false; it’s estimated there are more possible Chess moves than their are
atoms in the universe?

The 2008 record Dig Out Your Soul was the seventh and to date final studio album
from which English rock band?

Genghis Khan was leader and emperor of which historical empire?
Mongol Empire

How many minutes after a quarter past nine is ten forty five?
90 minutes

Which British athlete won the BBC Sports Personality of the Year in 2004 after
becoming the country’s first double gold medallist at the same games since 1920?
Kelly Holmes

Catherine Wheels and Skyrockets are types of what?

True or false; In UK Parliament, English is the language used in formal exchanges
between both Houses during a Bill’s passage?
False, it’s Norman French

‘Food Glorious Food’ is a song from which British musical?

In music, which ‘O’ is the interval between two notes?

Which former Top Gear presenter is known as ‘Hamster’?
Richard Hammond