The Tilly Shilling Initiative


“You don’t have to be a man to be an engineer…”

The Tilly Shilling Initiative encourages diversity and inclusivity in engineering by introducing and promoting STEM subjects to young people.

On behalf of Oxford Brookes University. Mechanical Engineering programme lead and principal academic advisor to OBR Gordana Collier was invited to chair a panel discussing women in engineering at The MTC in Coventry. Joined by five young women engineers. Gordana raised important questions regrading inclusivity and diversity in industry. While things are better than they have ever been there is still a long way to go. Guests were able to learn about these extraordinary women and their individual paths into engineering as well as the driving factor that brings these young women into motorsport.

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“As always, Oxford Brookes is proud to support Women in
Engineering. Here is to all the fantastic women who bring a
wealth of knowledge and talent to our team.”
Oxford Brookes University