Target 200

We are pleased to invite our Members to join us in ‘Target 200’. The idea being that each member of the Doghouse endeavours to raise £200 by undertaking a fundraising activity.  

In 2016 Tiffany Dickinson & Caroline Hobbs raised over £800 for the Club by asking people to sponsor them to give up alcohol for 6 weeks.

Our members and ladies of the Committee have already completed their events and others are in the process of organizing theirs.

Elizabeth Walkinshaw – In anticipation of own event – £200
Elizabeth Walkinshaw – £45
Emma Watts Gaskin – Monopoly Walk – £525
Kate Cottingham – Southern Lunch- £3,002
Victoria Shepherd – £200
Tiffany Dickinson – ‘Non Alcohol Month’ – £480
Anne Crossley – £60
Valerie Le May Neville Parry – Clematis Visitors – £400
Linda Pearcy – Taro Evening – £355
Diane Ralph – Afternoon Tea – £1,076
Caroline Hobbs – £200

Upcoming Events
Leonora Cope & Peta Jacobi – The Doghouse Classic Lunch – at Cromwell Cottage – on 27th July 2017 – For more information please contact
Fran Powell – The Cotswold Big Swim – on 1st July 2017

PLEASE help our club to meet our fundraising target for Hope For Tomorrow by getting involved with Target 200… we’d love to hear how you are going to join in and are happy to support you however we can.  Please take lots of pictures to share online so we can enjoy and encourage your efforts.